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Are You Buying or Selling Detached Homes in Brampton?


Buying or Selling Detached Homes in Brampton? Here are Some Tips:


Brampton has become a popular place for families. Its clean streets, good schools, spacious parks, sense of community and diverse residents have helped propel its population growth. It has become the 9th largest city in Canada. Part of Brampton’s appeal is the spacious, detached homes that are affordable, while still offering close proximity to work in Mississauga or Toronto. When buying or selling a detached home in Brampton, it’s important to find the right REALTOR® to make your personal dreams a reality.


What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent?


When looking for the right real estate agent, look for someone you can quickly form a positive relationship with. You should be comfortable asking questions and feel like you are being listened to. However, don’t fall for someone who just tells you what you want to hear. Rather, find a REALTOR® who is a seasoned professional and able to give good, solid, practical advice. Buying or selling a house involves hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is likely the single most important financial transaction a person can make. Here are some "dos” and "don’ts”:

  • DON’T be pressured to enlist a friend or family member who is also a real estate agent. Personal relationships can make communication about finances more complicated.
  • DO ask for referrals. Ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations.
  • DON’T only consider agents from large firms. It’s the person-to-person connection that is important. Also, large firms often have high overhead costs and higher commission fees. Boutique firms, such as the Brampton-based JN Asensio Realty can offer a more personalized service.
  • DO look for agents that are properly licensed and registered members of reputable associations such as the Ontario Real Estate Association, the Brampton Real Estate Board or the Real Estate Council of Ontario.
  •  DON’T sign up with the first REALTOR® you meet with.  Shop around until you find a good match.


Be Prepared to Ask Questions


Be sure to have a list of questions ready for all potential REALTORS®. If you are selling, ask what kind of marketing plan they have. Do they recommend door-to-door flyers?  What kind of on-line listings will they do?  What kind of staging do they recommend? Ask to see previous listings and photographs. Ask about commission fees and whether they are negotiable. While a 5% fee used to be written in stone, quick sales are making some GTA REALTORS® more flexible. However, always weigh the commission rate with the service you will receive. A REALTOR® who has to sell more homes to make the same income may not be as able to give you the kind of attention you need.


If you are buying a home, ask any potential agents to walk you through the process; explaining any potential costs, such as legal fees, land transfer taxes, house inspections or surveys.  Be clear about your budget and needs. Plan for the future: if children are on the horizon, make sure good schools are part of the picture. Be sure the REALTOR®  is familiar with various neighbourhoods and can make the right recommendations to suit your lifestyle.


When looking to buy or sell a detached home in Brampton or the GTA, be sure your real estate agent is someone you can trust. The negotiating process can be stressful. You must be confident your best interests are front and centre.